Uniaxial Pedicle Screws – Spinal Implant System

The TiTaMED Spinal System includes the internationally patented Uniaxial Mobile and Uniaxial Locking pedicle screws. The Uniaxial pedicle screws are effectively a combination of the Polyaxial pedicle screw (dynamic and ease of use) on one plane and the Rigid pedicle screw (stability) on the other plane.

These pedicle screws enable a unique method for deformity correction which is not achievable with Polyaxial screws – a quick 3D simultaneous correction for scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis and spinal rotation in one process using less instrumentation and allowing fewer levels to be fused for the patient. The Uniaxial Mobile pedicle screws additionally offer better load sharing between the vertebrae thus reducing the stresses on any individual screw.

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