Benefits – TiTaMED Spinal Implant System

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    TiTAMED prides itself on its reliable, friendly and efficient service and support. We will go the extra mile to help surgeons and patients. With our experience, knowledge and expertise, we are able to produce customized solutions for surgeons to accommodate specific surgical requirements.
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    The Ti-TaMED spinal system, is manufactured according to the highest quality standards with internationally audited accreditations for ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and MDD 93/42/EEC Annex II.
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    Reduces potential for pedicle damage
    The threading on the screw shank is designed in such a way that it reduces the potential to damage or split the pedicle whilst being inserted. It also allows for the screw’s depth to be adjusted without it loosening in the bone.
  4. 4
    Optimizes bone grip and shank strength
    The screw shank is designed to optimally grip the bone, whilst providing the screw shank with maximum strength.
  5. 5
    Reduces screw pull-out potential
    As a screw does not remain perfectly still and aligned while it is being screwed in, the increased diameter at the top of the shank helps to plug the slightly larger hole that is created by the movement during the insertion process. This enables the screw to fit tightly, and reduces the chance of pull-out.
  6. 6
    Easy screw insertion
    The self-tapping thread of the pedicle screw shank means that the use of a tap is very seldom required. If a tap is required, there are easy to use taps for the corresponding screw type and size in the tool set.
  7. 7
    Prevents rod migration
    The correct insertion of the grubscrew will ensure that rod migration cannot happen as the grubscrew indents itself into the rod.
  8. 8
    Prevents grubscrew loosening
    The specially designed thread prevents the grubscrew from loosening in the screw-head, thus keeping the construct tightly in place.
  9. 9
    Endures strong tightening forces
    The grubscrew thread is specially designed to withstand great force. With the hex tip fully inserted, the grubscrew can be tightened up to 28Nm (very tight) without stripping or splaying the screw-head. This tight grip prevents the grubscrew from loosening, thus prohibiting rod movement.
  10. 10
    User friendly tooling
    To complement our spinal implants Ti-TAMED offers a comprehensive set of tools which have been ergonomically designed to be balanced, reliable and user friendly for both surgeon and theatre staff, thus enabling surgeons to perform complex surgery easily and safely. The tools are clearly labeled for easy identification as well as quick storage on the tray inlays.
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    Designed for the surgeon
    Ti-TAMED believes in continuous innovation to add to and improve its tooling where possible by inviting regular input from surgeons and taking patient safety and surgical ergonomics into account. Furthermore customized adjustments to our tooling can be made to accommodate specific surgical requirements, or to suit a particular surgeon’s preference.
  12. 12
    Good for the patient
    The combination of the top loading system, low profile screws and round screw heads work together to reduce trauma for the patient during implant and removal surgery, as the minimum amount of bone and soft tissue needs to be trimmed away. Additionally, meticulously designed tooling aids the surgeon and reduces surgery time.

    With a 15 year history, the TiTaMED Spinal System has a proven record of safety and reliability. In a published peer review journal article, the TiTaMED Spinal System (Uniaxial screw) was found to have the lowest failure rate amongst 18 international spinal systems tested.

  13. 13
    Top-loading for better accessibility
    The Ti-TAMED Spinal System is top loading which makes surgery easier for the surgeon and less traumatic for the patient. This is achieved by enabling easy rod insertion into (and removal from) the screw head and additionally providing accessible interface for the tooling to the implant.
  14. 14
    Easy removal
    When extending a fusion or removing instrumentation, the round headed Ti-TAMED screws make the removal procedure simple and less traumatic for the patient by allowing these to be screwed out of the pedicle without the need to trim surrounding bone or soft tissue.
  15. 15
    Easy rod insertion with Polyaxial screws
    The Polyaxial pedicle screws enable the screw shank to articulate in all planes before the screw is locked down. This enables easier rod insertion for the surgeon by requiring less contouring of the rod when doing multi-level fusions.
  16. 16
    Easy rod insertion with Uniaxial screws *Internationally Patented
    The screw shank of the Uniaxial pedicle screw is only able to articulate in one plane – effectively having one plane rigid while the other plane is dynamic. This facilitates ease of use for the surgeon; if adjacent screws are not parallel, the rod does not need to be contoured as much as with rigid screws.
  17. 17
    3D correction with Uniaxial screws *Internationally Patented
    The Uniaxial pedicle screws enable a unique method for deformity correction by simply rotating the rod in the screw heads – a quick 3D simultaneous correction for scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis and spinal rotation in one process using less instrumentation and allowing fewer levels to be fused for the patent when used anteriorly.
  18. 18
    All our implants are made from the highest implant grade 6Al-4V ELI Titanium manufactured according to ASTM F136-84 specifications and/or implant grade PEKK. We source all our material from reputable international suppliers that are accredited by CE and FDA authorities.